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Hello Nicole:

Everything went fantastic! Your cakes were a huge hit! I guess what I am trying to find are the words to tell you that the French absolutely loved your cakes.

There were two pastry chefs from France, so, I guess that’s a complement you can get. They thought your Lemon Curd and Hummingbird cake were over the top.

I know I left you a message earlier, but now I am getting photos and comments, and I just wanted to call you back and tell you what a fantastic job you did. That table, the way you displayed the cakes was outstanding—not to mention—everybody loved your cakes. You are absolutely worth every penny you charge for your cakes and what you bring to a wedding.
So, I just wanted to let you know my wife and I were so pleased and happy with the beautiful display of cakes you made. I guess you’ll be seeing us again and every one of our friends that’s getting married. I know it is a lot of work, if it means anything, you made our wedding—your cakes were fantastic.

The people, apparently, at Mountain Springs Lodge, said as they were serving your cakes - they’ve never seen people want to get to the cake table so quickly. They have never gone through cake so quickly as they went through your at this wedding.

Thank you again so much! I just though you might like to hear theses comments. It might make you know that what you do is so special.

Thanks Nicole

The cake you made for our wedding tasted so amazing! It was everything and more than we had anticipated. Our guests loved the cake so much that everyone was fighting over who got to take home the leftovers! Thank you very much for your part in making our day so special!
~Jimmy & Jessalyn ~

Our wedding cake from Cakes by Nicole far exceeded our expectations. Our guests enjoyed the cake itself and we had many lovely comments about how stunning and unique it was. It was truly our fairy-tale cake. Nicole was excellent to work with and we were absolutely impressed with her from start to finish.
Thank you, Nicole. I really loved our cake. ~ Marie

Hi Nicole - The cake was Beautiful! Amazing! and tasted Great!!! Everyone loved it! Everybody said it was the only cake that they ever had that tasted good at a wedding. We loved it!!!Thank you so much~Audrey

Oh Nicole- the cakes you made for us were absolutely to DIE FOR!!! Not only were they beautiful and perfect and exactly what I'd hoped for- they were so delicious that people were waiting at the door so they could pull plates off of the servers' trays before they could even get to the dessert table. It was fantastic! We are really looking forward to making a dent in our cutting cake (which turned out so sweet-yay!) when we get back from our honeymoon. I'm really sorry I didn't get a chance to see you on Saturday and hug you in person for all of your amazing work. Please consider this a long distance hug of gratitude instead. Thank you so so much!!! ...Jonna

Hi Nicole, Now that things have begun to quiet down and I reflect on Erin and Andrew’s wonderful wedding weekend, I want you to know how much we appreciate your delicious and stunningly beautiful cakes. Between you and Patti, the cake table was exquisite! It was exactly as Erin had hoped for. I received a number of remarks about how good the cakes were! Everyone enjoyed them, and only wished they could have tasted them all. We shared some, and brought some home, so we had plenty. You are the baker extraordinaire! Our experiences with both you and Patti were so professional and cordial, and are now part of our amazing Leavenworth memories.

Thank you for the wonderful wedding cake!!! The Peppermint Fudge absolutely surprised our guests and made it so much more special for us!!! The cake was divine! For as simple as we asked for, it was perfect! Thank you again for making the special sugar-free cake for us--our family members greatly appreciated it! Thank you again!!! Tony & Bri

It has been 6 months since our wedding and I should have written to you sooner. I just wanted to say I was so happy with our cake. Our guests were well pleased. I was really floored when I walked in and saw the cake! It could not have been more perfect. Nobody realized the leavesw were made by hand until they got really close. They were all inpressed. We, of course, had some of both flavors and they were so good! Thank you so much! Adrienne & Jeff