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Banana Cannoli Chocolate Fudge
Cannoli Cherry Chocolate Ganache
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Chocolate Fudge Chocolate Truffle French Vanilla
Chocolate Guinness Stout Chocolate Fudge Italian Meringue
Chocolate Pepperment Cream Cheese Lemon Buttercream
Coconut Southern Comfort Espresso Cream Mocha Buttercream
Double Chocolate Rum Lemon Cream Swiss  Meringue Buttercream
Espresso Lemon Curd Vanilla Fondant
Espresso Chocolate Chip Orange Cream White Chocolate
German Chocolate Peach White Chocolate Fondant
Heavenly White Raspberry White Buttercream
Hummingbird Raspberry Cream  
Italian Creme Strawberry  
Lemon Coconut Strawberry Cream  
Mandarin Orange White Chocolate  
Moist Yellow    
Peaches & Cream    
Pineapple Carrot    
Pink Champagne    
Pink Lemonade    
Poppy Seed    
Red Velvet    
Triple Chocolate Chip    
Vanilla Bean    
White Sour Cream    
White Velvet    
Glluten Free    
Pumpkin Gingerbread    
Pineapple Upside    


BUTTERCREAM can be made either with egg yolks or whites. The egg yolks or whites are combined with copious amounts of hot sugar and sweet butter. Each concoction will have a slightly different taste and texture, but will be equally delicious. An egg-yolk Buttercream, often called a "classic" Buttercream, is very rich and creamy in texture. An egg-white or "meringue" Buttercream has a silken taste and texture. Some like the egg-yolk Buttercream as a filling and the meringue Buttercream as icing.

CUSTARD OR PASTRY CREAM is a delicate, milk and egg-based filling. Although delectable, it doesn't work well in cakes that sit for a long time at a warm temperature. Whipped-cream fillings are equally luscious but also need to be kept chilled.

GANACHE is a luxurious combination of chocolate and heavy cream that can be used as either a filling or an icing, depending on the proportions of the of the ingredients.

MOUSSES OR MOUSSELINES are a delicious alternative to Buttercream. They can be flavored with fruit or dark or white chocolate. A cake filled with mousse can be frozen and will taste delicious even if it is not thawed completely at serving time.

Icings and Cake Coverings

BUTTERCREAM icing is traditionally made from egg whites, butter, and sugar. The sugar is heated, then added to the egg whites very slowly. Later, the butter is added bit by bit. Buttercream takes flavor and color very well, may be used for borders and piping, and tastes delicious on most cakes. Buttercream icing can be refrigerated, but because of its high butter content it is not recommended if you will be serving your cake in very hot or humid weather.

FONDANT (OR ROLLED FONDANT) is a very popular covering for wedding cakes. It is made from glucose or corn syrup and shortening, and holds up well on a warm day. A cake covered in fondant has a smooth, satiny look. The fondant drapes and clings beautifully to the cake. It will seal in the freshness of a cake for several days and lends itself to ornate decoration. A cake covered in fondant cannot be refrigerated and will therefore limit the kinds of fillings you will be able to use.

ROLLED CHOCOLATE most often refers to chocolate fondant; sometimes called chocolate plastic or plastique. It is made by warming chocolate and tempering it with small amounts of glycerine or corn syrup. While similar to fondant in that it can be colored, rolled, and draped, it's taste is superior—pure chocolate.

ROYAL ICING is pure white and generally used for delicate piping or lace work. Royal icing does not hold up well in humidity and cannot be refrigerated. Therefore, it is not recommended for icing an entire cake.


CHEESECAKES Many couples are opting for cheesecake in place of the traditional flour-and-sugar cake. If you and your fiancé want this kind of cake there are special considerations, including the heavyweight of the cake and its need for constant refrigeration. Cheesecakes can be iced with buttercream or covered with fondant, just like a flour cake.